The Painful Truth About SEO from Brandon Lederer

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a technique used to improve the ranking of your website on search engines. It aims to strengthen the position of your content on the search result page by bringing free and organic traffic.

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On What Factors is the Rank Decided?

While crawling for the content, the search engine looks for the quality of the content, amount of information, details about the web page, and information of the publisher, along with the type of interactions done on the webpage.

After collecting the right web pages together, they are indexed and ranked based on the quality and relevance of content, the page’s reputation, and the web page’s loading speed.

This technique can be implemented and worked upon with the help of digital marketing expert Brandon Lederer.

Issues Affecting SEO Ranking

Following are the most common issues affecting the SEO ranking, which can be detected easily with the help of Brandon Lederer, SEO expert;

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Duplicate Content

When it is detected that the content displayed on your web page is similar to one another page, the ranking is affected, and you can also be penalized for the same.

Poor Keyword Research

The rank gets affected if proper keywords are not used in the content, or the appropriate quantity of keywords is not mentioned.

Poor Mobile Experience

If the website shows poor performance on mobile phones or tablets, the visitors are more likely to click away and scroll to another link for information, increasing your bounce rate and affecting the rank on the result page.

Slow Page Loading

If the website is unable to load promptly or right away after clicking the link, there are chances that the visitor will go to the next one without waiting, which creates a negative impact on your ranking. 

Poor Navigation and Redirection

If navigation paths and redirection links on a website containing a large amount of data are not tracked easily, a visitor may get irritated and leave the page. This will affect the reputation of the page and, indirectly, the rank.

How to Fix these Issues:

  • Before publishing any data, it is necessary to check for its uniqueness. Guidance for the keyword research can be taken from Brandon Lederer’s SEO services.
  • To improve the performance of your website on both mobile and desktop while reducing the loading time, you must use a better and more prompt, responsive software design.
  • While designing a website or webpage, using simple links for redirections and implementing simpler navigations is crucial in making the page visitor-friendly.
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Wrapping Paragraph

If done correctly, an SEO technique is the most implemented and result-driven technique in digital marketing. Many factors can affect the rank and bring you less utility, but they can be improvised and worked on with the help of Brandon Lederer.