10 Ways Website Structure Can Affect SEO

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SEO is the most effective marketing technique for increasing website engagement, conversion rates, and revenue. The structure of a website is critical. It illustrates what the website’s pages intend to portray and how they are linked. Marketers must balance the appearance and feel of the website and architecture.

Ways by which the Website Structure can Affect SEO

Here’s how the website structure can affect SEO

Proper URL Structure

Another crucial aspect of your website that influences SEO is its URL structure. When creating website URLs, ensure they are easy to spell and read and do not contain too many parameters. It should be easy for users to read and search engine crawlers to scan.

Proper Internal Linking

Internal linking is an excellent method for assisting visitors and search engine bots discover a website and creating a flow between sites and information. Links should be interconnected in such a way that they do not harm the structure of your website.

Originality in the Content

Marketers must focus on original and high-quality content to keep the website structure intact. Content that is duplicated or plagiarised is detrimental to SEO and user experience. SEO benefits from unique and entertaining content.

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A Good User Experience

Website user experience is crucial for maintaining a decent user percentage. If users cannot locate the desired page on your website, they will visit your competitor’s website. A poor user experience harms your SEO prospects and irritates your users.

Mobile Friendly

Google made mobile-friendliness a primary ranking indication after updating its algorithm. A website is said to be mobile-friendly if it displays correctly on all mobile and tablet devices, regardless of screen size.

Performance and Speed

Websites that take forever to load are a significant turnoff. According to experts, a one-second delay in page load time can substantially impact website page views and traffic. It has a severe negative impact on conversion prospects.


Site crawlability is a vital feature to consider when designing a website. It refers to the search engine’s capacity to access and crawl through your complete website’s material to determine what your site is about.

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Utilizing HTTPS

HTTPS guarantees your website’s safety. Because Google continues to include this into the user experience, having a secure website can help you rank higher. Perhaps this is why over half of all websites worldwide already use HTTPS.

Implementing Keywords

Content and keyword research are fundamental components of SEO and should be incorporated into the design and structure of your site from the start. Ensuring its execution ensures that your understanding of your target demographic, consumer search behavior, and competing subjects are incorporated into the structure and appearance of your site.

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals were added with Google’s page experience change, and they can impact SEO, particularly when optimizing photos. The increased emphasis on Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) and the examination of content and content jumping as images load is something that website creators, web designers, and SEO professionals should be working on collaboratively.

Consider website structure if you want to get the most out of your SEO initiatives. You should plan the structure of your website ahead of time. Ensure your website architecture and design are in sync with your SEO efforts. Also, if you are facing difficulty in maintaining the SEO of your website, learn from the most helpful digital marketing blogs in Arizona, like  Brandon Lederer Training. You will find the best digital Marketing Agency’s blog on this platform in Arizona. So if you want guidance with online marketing in Scottsdale, Arizona, or maybe social media marketing in Arizona, follow his blogs. You will also learn practical Arizona digital marketing tips from his blogs.