How to Show Star Ratings in Google Search Results

Star Rating on Google Search Results

Have you recently questioned how specific webpages manage to appear next to a website link in a Google search result with yellow stars as well as a review count? It is the magic of internet marketing experts in Arizona.

A fantastic technique to inform consumers that products and brands are reliable and honest is with those lovely yellow stars that show up right beneath the Google search results. And you’d be surprised at how simple it is to apply these star reviews in your store! Just by including Google star reviews in their search engine results, some businesses have noticed a 30% increase in click-through rates, which is why they hire internet marketing services in Arizona.

A reference can be online marketing in Arizona Scottsdale by displaying the average ratings for your brand or products. Individuals are more likely to purchase products recommended by friends than they are to do on their own. Strangers are treated the same way. A page displaying a high star rating is more credible than one without.

Schema Markup Generator

Add the aggregated performance index to the LocalBusiness schema markup to inform Google where the reviews are on your website.

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You may need a basic markup understanding or an app that handles it to complete this. Additionally, decide which “Aggregate Rating” Schema type is most appropriate for your circumstance.

It’s vital to remember that there are different entity kinds for which you can use ratings using Schema markup, each of which has different specifications and requirements—both for the Schema code and for Google.

Seo Plugin Rankmath or SEO Press

For all types of Schema markups, including the fantastic Product Schema, superb all-around WordPress SEO plugins such Rankmath, Yoast, as well as SEOPress are all excellent choices. When you receive a few evaluations, showcasing them on the website is essential to enhance eCommerce SEO.

Copy and Paste Product Schema Manually

The code line in this Product Schema example. Within 4 hours of implementing it, it appeared in search results. Please report this code and put it into the publication’s head HTML code.

Each area that needs modification has a “add” inserted. The others should remain unchanged. Additionally, it should be evident that you should utilize something other than the ” characters provided to divide the text needed to insert.

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Benefits of Star Ratings

It’s been used for Google search results to show rating stars. Those who want to showcase their rating stars are happy to see more clicks. Users can see that this company merits more consideration than the competition.

The search engine is learning by watching users provide the best search results. Therefore, a search result’s placement in the search results may change if it detracts from such average click rate values. This implies that a search result will rank on the list higher if it receives more clicks than the industry standard.


Here is a list of guidelines to abide by to increase the likelihood that star ratings will appear in Google search results, summarizing the entire article:

  • To display the reviews, create a page for them on your website.
  • Apply the overall rating markup to only reviews that come straight from the company website.
  • Make sure users can access the evaluations you mark up.